Hostgator vs Godaddy

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Godaddy, contrary to public opinion, isn't the best website hosting company available. Many customers have were not impressed with over spending with this company. Some customers have experienced false notifications of domain expiration, to discover they had taken care of multi-year domain plans. This in itself couldn't survive so bad when the customer didn’t then obtain the runaround for months to rectify the problem. Others have complained about so-called “domain theft” using the company, website registration hoaxes, and double charges. These issues have allowed other hosting services to step up and fight for a few of the subscriber base by bringing integrity, customer service and a quality business practice towards the forefront. One of these simple companies is Hostgator.

If you've been a victim of those shoddy business practices, or felt foolish because of not understanding a bill or better understanding marketing with Godaddy, it's not just you! There are others on the market with similar or similar experiences, only most of them have selected to do something about it. That something is switching to Hostgator!

The Best Alternative

Hostgator started its company in Texas back in 2002, and possesses existed longer than Godaddy. In 2011 the company expanded its operations internationally and also, since then has registered its 8 millionth url of your website. Her track record and experience to provide you in the manner that just a reduced company can, using a customer touch how the larger players like Godaddy cannot.

Hostgator is a superb selection for those building their first website and needing a hosting package given to them. They provide an excellent cpanel hosting service for a very economical price, and with certain coupons it is possible to try their service to get a month for just one penny. The business offers shared reseller, VPS, and dedicated server packages for that beginner as well as the experienced professional. Their internet hosting plans includes their 24/7 support and a 99.9% uptime guarantee along with a 45-day money-back guarantee. As you have seen, they are very certain about their service offerings.

Other features and benefits of Hostgator will be the capability to give you unlimited bandwidth, unlimited web space for purchasers, and multiple add-on domains offered. Hostgator features a friendly Site Builder and offers the WordPress themes that lots of are happy using when assembling a web site. You'll have the capacity to make use of the Fantastico and QuickInstall programs with Hostgator, that can bring quick and fast installing apps as tools to make use of in building your internet site.

Godaddy VS Hostgator

Going for a thirty five month hosting period, you'll find the primary hosting deal at GoDaddy at about $4.24/month. The specific Hatchling program with HostGator, along with the same hosting period, would set you back monthly at $3.96.

In terms web hosting administration software, Hostgator uses cPanel which industry standard while Godaddy has their particular user interface that confuses their customers.

In terms of domain registration, Godaddy gets the advantage for they offer bulk discount on their own domain names when compared with Hostgator.

Hostgator Promo Code

With regards to hosting your websites, you are the just one who is able to decide of which is the better hosting provider for you personally. Just keep in mind to examine their advantages and disadvantages, features, prices and feedbacks and choose the best for you personally. If, you select Hostgator, you possibly can make use of Hostgator promo code 'WEBTEMPLATE' for 25% off at any hosting plan or take advantage the $0.01 for the first month coupon code that is 'WEBSITEFREE'.


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